Cartoon Fish Tank Decor Figures Ornaments Simulation Resin Pineapple House Aquarium Accessories-Gerbera Prints.

Cartoon Fish Tank Decor Figures Ornaments Simulation Resin Pineapple House Aquarium Accessories AL1014

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Color: C


Embrace the whimsical charm of our Cartoon Fish Tank Decor Figures Ornaments Simulation Resin Pineapple House Fish Tank Decoration and add a delightful twist to your aquatic haven. Let your fish embark on a fun and playful adventure in their new pineapple home while you enjoy the beauty and creativity it brings to your aquarium.

- Material: Resin
- Size: + Pineapple House: 7.5cm x 7cm x 13cm
+ Restaurant: 9cm x 5.5cm x 8.5cm
+ Home: 8cm x 7cm x 15cm

Cartoon Pineapple House Design: This Fish Tank Decoration features a unique and eye-catching cartoon pineapple house design. The bright and vibrant colors, along with the playful details, create a fun and cheerful atmosphere within your aquarium. The pineapple house serves as a unique and imaginative shelter for your fish, encouraging them to explore and interact with their new aquatic accessory.

Realistic Simulation Resin: Crafted from high-quality and durable resin material, this ornament closely resembles a real pineapple house. The resin is skillfully molded to capture the texture, shape, and essence of a pineapple, providing a realistic and authentic appearance to the decoration. The resin construction ensures longevity, making it a lasting addition to your fish tank decor.

Versatile Aquarium Accessory: This product serves multiple purposes in your aquarium setup. Not only does it offer a playful hiding spot for your fish, but it can also be used as part of your aquarium's landscaping and aqua-scaping efforts.

Safe and Non-Toxic Material: The Simulation Resin Pineapple House Fish Tank Decoration is made from safe and non-toxic resin material, ensuring the well-being of your fish and other aquatic inhabitants. The material is resistant to water and easy to clean, allowing you to maintain the ornament's vibrant colors and details with minimal effort.

- Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effects.
- Please allow 0.5 - 2 cm differences due to manual measurement.
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