Cichlid Stone Cave Aquarium Ornaments Fish Tank Decoration-Gerbera Prints.

Cichlid Stone Cave Aquarium Ornaments Fish Tank Decoration AL1011

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Color: Medium size 12CM

Medium size 12CM
Large size 17CM
Small 9CM

Elevate your aquatic landscaping to new heights with our Cichlid Stone Cave Aquarium Ornaments Fish Tank Decoration and provide your fish and shrimp with a natural and enriching environment they will thrive.

- Small size: 9cm × 7.5cm × 4.0cm single hole
Diameter of round hole: 3.5cm weight 80 grams
- Medium size: 12.0cm × 8.0cm × 6.0cm three holes
Diameter of round hole: 3.3cm. Weight 150 grams
- Large size: 17.0cm × 12.5cm × 9.0cm three holes
Diameter of round hole: 5.5cm. Weight 251 grams

Authentic Stone-like Appearance: Our Cichlid Stone Cave is meticulously crafted to resemble natural stone, providing a realistic and organic look to your aquarium or pond. The authentic stone-like appearance blends seamlessly with any aquatic landscape, creating a visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing environment for your fish and shrimp.

Versatile Design: This ornament not only enhances the beauty of your aquatic setting but also functions as a spacious shelter and spawning cave for cichlids and other breeding fish. The cave-like structure offers a safe and secure retreat for your fish, allowing them to exhibit natural behaviors and reduce stress.

Durable and Safe Material: Our Cichlid Stone Cave is crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials that do not alter the water chemistry or harm your aquatic inhabitants. Its robust construction ensures it remains stable and intact even in the most active aquariums or ponds.

Encourages Natural Behavior: Creating a suitable environment for your fish and shrimp is essential for their overall well-being. With this Stone Cave Aquarium Decoration, you provide a space where cichlids and other species can exhibit their natural behaviors, such as territorial instincts and breeding activities. The presence of the cave encourages successful spawning, helping to perpetuate the population of your beloved fish.

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Medium size 12CM, Large size 17CM, Small 9CM