Volleyball Team Custom Text Car Sticker
Small Green Frog 3D Vinyl Car Decal Sticker
Small Green Frog 3D Vinyl Car Decal Sticker

Volleyball Team Custom Text Car Sticker

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Size: S (7.87x11.81")

S (7.87x11.81")
M (11.81x15.75")
L (15.75x19.69")
S (11.81x11.81")
M (15.75x15.75")
L (19.69x19.69")

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Discover the ultimate solution for all your sticker needs with our exceptional printable Volleyball Team Custom Text Car Sticker. These stickers stand out for their exceptional durability and high-quality materials. Whether you're aiming to customize your vehicle or add a personal touch to your indoor space, our stickers are optimally designed to meet your needs with lasting resilience and aesthetic appeal.


Vibrant colors: The latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colors
Matte finish: Has a smooth, even surface. 
Premium Water-Resistant Vinyl: Crafted from high-grade vinyl, these stickers are not just ordinary; they're built to last. The water-resistant feature ensures that your stickers stay intact, come rain or shine.
UV Protective Laminate: Each sticker is coated with a UV protective matte laminate, creating a shield against the harshness of sunlight and outdoor elements, ensuring your sticker remains vibrant and unscathed for over 5 years.
Premium Printable Vinyl: Not only is the vinyl rated to last, but it also features a waterproof sticky adhesive that's easy to apply and remove, making it hassle-free to switch up your designs.
Eco-friendly product: The stickers are printed using environmentally friendly.


Use a soft, clean and dry cloth to gently brush any dust or dirt off from the center of the sticker outwards.


Our Car stickers are meticulously packed in a sturdy tube. Afterwards, they are carefully placed back into the packaging. This way, we ensure that it arrives to you in perfect condition, without any damage caused by knocks or accidents during transportation.

  1. Ensure a clean surface: Start by cleaning the target surface with a glass cleaner to remove any dirt or debris. Make sure it's completely dry.
  2. Gather supplies: Have a few pieces of tape ready, preferably within reach, and a razor blade.
  3. Check the sticker's back: Examine the back of the sticker to ensure it's clean and free of any contaminants that could affect adhesion.
  4. Position the sticker: Decide where you want to place the sticker and make sure it's level with the car's surface and any relevant body lines.
  5. Secure the sides with tape: Use the tape to hold the two sides of the sticker in place, ensuring it stays level.
  6. Peel the backing: Carefully peel the backing off the sticker using a razor blade, ensuring a smooth and straight line.
  7. Apply the sticker: Use a piece of felt or soft Velcro on a squeegee to avoid scratching the sticker. Start applying the sticker from the top, letting it hang naturally, and avoid pulling or stretching it.
  8. Work from the center outwards: Work your way down, from the center to the edges, allowing the sticker to adhere smoothly.
  9. Remove tape gently: Peel off the tape without pulling on the ends, avoiding any sudden movements that could cause wrinkles or bubbles.
  10. Final adjustments: If needed, adjust the sticker to align with any body lines or contours on the car, ensuring a clean and bubble-free application.
  11. Double-check: Inspect the sticker for any bubbles or imperfections and smooth them out as necessary.
  12. Finish: Once the sticker is securely in place and free of bubbles, your application is complete.

    By following these steps, you can apply vinyl stickers neatly and effectively without any issues.
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- All of the items in our store are made-to-order, each item needs at least 7 - 9 business days for production and packing procedure. The shipping times in the table below apply to regions such as US, CA, AU, and EU.

  • Super Express Shipping: It takes 4 - 6 business days to ship the package to your address.
  • Express Shipping: It takes 6 - 8 business days to ship the package to your address.
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  • Free Shipping (Applies to orders with value from $70): It takes 14 - 21 business days to ship the package to your address.

- Furthermore, if your order is personalized and/or requires adjustment, it may take a few days for our designer to create a complete art file. Design time will depend on adjustment (more or less, easy or complex) and can be from 3 - 5 days or more.

- Please note that the shipping time to overseas states such as PR (Puerto Rico), HI (Hawaii), and AK (Alaska) will take 30 - 60 business days. Please do not choose and pay for the Fast Shipping option for these states.

If your package has not arrived within the time frame, contact Customer Service at: support@gerberaprints.com and we will do our best to help you!


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